To provide a living platform and a seat of Knowledge at internet for all those
Who are the seekers,
Who are in search of true self and Light,
Who are the hunters of pure Delight,
Who want to find the secret of the body and of the matter.
Who want to surpass the ordinary human consciousness ,
Who are aware of imperfections of human life and aspire for a new world ,
Who want to remove the shackles of ignorance, falsehood and darkness from the earth atmosphere,who are goodwill persons.
In short everybody who dreams of
love and
To bring a piece of sky,
fresh air and
little bit of sunshine
to everybody.


are non –profit organization.
It is our offering at the lotus feet of The Divine Mother,
To The World,
To try to reveal the richness, greatness, beauty and majesty of the Consciousness (Human and Divine),
To sing the songs of harmony,beauty, light and love,
To collaborate with nature for accelerating the process of evolution.