Stories For the Kids

The wisdom of Ganesh



Shiva et Pârvatî used to play with two sons, Ganesh and Kârtikeya.

The gods had given them a marvelous fruit. Each boy wanted to get it for him alone.

Their parents explained them that the nectar of the Supreme Knowledge and of Immortality was hidden in that fruit. To get the fruit, both had to compete. The winner should run three times around the world and come back first.

Kârtikeya left at once. Riding his peacock, he flew in the sky, stopping at every sacred place on his way, praying and worshipping the gods.

Ganesh was fully aware of his stout body; it slackened off him badly. The rat, his vehicle, was rather slow and would not be able to beat Kârtikeya.

But his wisdom suggested him the right solution. He turned round his parents, Shiva and Pârvatî, showing a deep devotion. When they asked him why he did not start his journey around the world, he replied :

"My parents Shiva and Shakti are the Whole Universe. In Them is located the World. He do not need to go farther".

Of course, he won the contest, ... and the fruit .

This legend emphasizes the importance of cleverness; Ganesh is a strong symbol of this quality which is always the best against force, speed or physical strength.