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Ganesh, the scribe


A very interesting story about Ganesh is the belief according to which he has been the writer of the Mah‚bh‚rata

The Sage Vy‚sa , the author of this epic, was meditating on Brahm‚. The god told him to request Ganesh to be the scribe for the dictation of this epic in verses.

Ganesh appeared immediately in the presence of Brahm‚ and gave his agreement. However, he demanded that Vy‚sa should talk without any stop.

Vy‚sa dictated his own request : before starting to write, Ganesh had to understand each word, each thought, with all the significations they had.

Every time Vy‚sa observed that Ganesh (photo ) had finished to write a verse (he used his broken tusk as a pen), he dictated another verse, as much complicated as possible. So, Ganesh was obliged to stop to write. That short period was enough to make Vy‚sa able to mentally compose the following verses... and to tell them when Ganesh was ready.

This legend teaches us that the Mah‚bh‚rata should not be read quickly. One must understand all the meanings of the story, and it is necessary to digest it. One must also listen to it carefully, and meditate about.

Actually, a belief says that the Mah‚bh‚rata should not be read. We should listen to it every day, little by little. By this method, we may understand progressively the deep meaning of this story.