"What is God after all?
An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden."

Sri Aurobindo,
Thoughts and Glimpses

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Theme of The Current issue

Selected Passages from
Conversations and Writings of
The Mother

  The Mother tells us:      

The Great Adventure
A Decisive Turning-point
Change Yourself First
Strengthen the Will
The Temple within You
The Psychic and the Truth
The Heart has Wings

The Mother - Maheshwari aspect
The Mother - Mahakali aspect

Win Your Little Victories
The Psychic Mirror
Stepping Back
Dynamic Meditation
Before Going to Sleep
Remember and Offer
Create Your Own Atmosphere


Fear is an Impurity
Fear : A Lack of Trust

Conquering Fear
True Courage
Make the Gift of Your Will
Say Only the Indispensable Words
One's Own way of Thinking

The Mother- Mahalakshmi aspect
The Mother - Mahasaraswati aspect




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