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If you are in contact with your psychic being, you begin to feel, to have a kind of perception of what divine Love may be. ...Do not try to enter into direct relation with divine Love because it will still be vital desire that pushes you. Perhaps you would not be conscious of it, but it would be a vital desire. You must make an effort to come in contact with your psychic being in order to be conscious and free in the consciousness of your psychic being, and then quite naturally, spontaneously you will know what divine Love is.


Origin of all Avatars



[1t is] a very old tradition, older than the two known lines of tradition from the spiritual and occult point of view, that is to say the Vedic and the Chaldean lines, a tradition which seems to have been at the origin of these two known traditions and in which it is said that when the world, because of the action of the adverse forces-the Asuras of Indian tradition-was plunged into the obscurity, inconscience and ignorance that we know, instead of developing in the natural law of Light and Consciousness, the creative Power implored the supreme Origin asking for a special intervention that would be able to save this corrupt universe. And in answer to this prayer, a special Entity emanated from the supreme Origin, an Entity made of Love and Consciousness that was projected directly into the most inconscient matter to begin the work of reawakening to the original Consciousness and Love.

   In ancient narratives, this Being is described as lying stretched in deep sleep at the bottom of a dark cave and from it as it lay asleep emanated rays of prismatic light which spread gradually into the Inconscience and was lodged in every element of the lnconscience so that it may start its work of Reawakening.

   If you consciously enter this Inconscient, you can still see the same marvellous Being, ever lying in deep sleep and continuing its work of emanation, spreading its light; it will continue to do it until Inconscience is no longer Inconscience, until Obscurity disappears from the world and all creation awakes to the Supramental Consciousness.

   And it is worth noticing that this marvellous Being strangely resembles the person whom I saw in vision one day, the Being who is at the other extremity, at the limit of the form and the formless. But this one was in his golden crimson glory whereas the other one in his sleep was diamond white emanating opal rays.

   It is this one who is the origin of all Avatars. He is, so to say, the original and universal Avatar who has gradually put on bodies more and more conscious and in the end has manifested in the somewhat known line of Beings who descended directly from the Supreme to perfect the work of preparing the world so that it might, by continuous progress, be ready to receive and manifest the Supramental Light in its entirety.

   In every country, in every tradition this fact has been presented in a particular way with different restrictions, different details, individual specialities, but in reality the origin of all the stories is the same, and that is what we may call a direct and conscious intervention of the Supreme in the obscurest matter without passing through intermediaries to awaken this matter to aspiration towards divine Forces.

  The interval separating these different incarnations seems to become shorter and shorter, as if matter being more and more ready, the action could hasten and its movement become quicker and quicker, also more and more conscious, more and more effective and decisive.

And this action will go on multiplying and intensifying itself until the whole world becomes the full Avatar of the Supreme.

THE MOTHER, Questions and Answers ,Bulletin, August 1958




All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Photographs of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India