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Favourite "Friend" of the Mother

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram had a special relationship with Pillaiyar. She considered him as her friend. She has referred about Ganapathi several times. In fact, the Mother who never recommended idol worship had a statuette of Pillaiyar on her desk. When asked, it is reported that she replied: ‘He is our friend’. In her letter dated 8th November 1962 (later published in Sri Aurobindo’s Action, March 1980) addressed to her devotee, Mr Madanlal Himatsingka, she writes: “… each one must invoke Ganesh according to his own feeling - the traditional way is not necessarily the best” and continues to narrate her own experience with him, “In 1930 we were having regular meditations in the Prosperity hall, on the significance of flowers. At one of these meditations, quite unexpectedly, Ganesh appeared suddenly to my inner view.

He was of golden light and surrounded by a very luminous golden aura. His form was the usual one as on his images. It was the first time I ever saw him and I expressed some surprise over his sudden appearance. Then he told me, “You see I am a living being quite real and concrete - and to give you a concrete proof of my reality I shall send to you henceforth, all the money you will need. And on this promise he disappeared. He has kept his promise for years and the money was coming abundantly”.

In the issue dated November 2004 of Sri Aurobindo’s Action, its editor Shri Shyam Sunder writes: “…In the 1960’s when Sri Aurobindo Memorial Fund Society purchased the huge adjacent property bearing premises No. 64, rue d’Orleans (as the present Manakula Vinayakar Koil Street was then known) out of funds provided by Shri Madan Lal Himatsingka, a devotee of the Mother, she arranged the transfer of a small piece of land on the northern side of the property, by way of gift, to the Ganesha temple so as to provide needed suitable space for parikrama inside the temple. As the story goes Ganesha had asked her for it. Ganesha, Mother had told us, had helped her in financing the Ashram”.

Thus a piece of land measuring roughly 12’x120’ went from Sri Aurobindo Memorial Fund Society to Lord Ganesha and today devotees are happy to go round the deities and do Parikrama.

What a wonderful gift of the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram to Lord Ganesha who kept his word!

No wonder that visitors to the Ashram from different corners of the globe rush to have His blessings as well.


- P.Raja

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The only way to come a little close to him is to love him sincerely and give oneself unreservedly to his work. Thus, each one does his best and contributes as much as he can to that transformation of the world which Sri Aurobindo has predicted.

The Mother
(Vol. 12, pp. 398-99)