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Series Two (1937 – 1941)
To a French woman who came to live at the Sri
Aurobindo Ashram in 1937 at the age of sixty-six.



Nothing is inevitable. At every moment an intervention may come from a higher plane into the material one and alter the course of circumstances. But in this particular case there is a conflict between a very powerful mental construction founded on medical opinion and your faith in the divine Grace.


The power of this medical suggestion lies in the fact that it insinuates itself into the subconscious and acts on the body from there, undetected even by the conscious mind unless it is in the habit of scouring the subconscious with the vigilance of a detective.


So there we are — I cannot promise you that your faith in the Grace will be intense and unshakable enough to overcome the harmful effect of these medical suggestions; and I feel that I have no right to tell you, “It is nothing,” when everything in your material consciousness is crying out, “Danger!”

Rest assured that our help and our blessings are always with you.


24 March 1937




Certainly we will be happy to keep you here until June.

You are quite right in saying that these closed doors are an effect of the imagination. The will to pass through always has the power to open them, just as the certainty of victory brightens the path.


12 April 1937


Certainly when you are ready to return, after doing what you want to do for your son, you have only to inform us and we shall be happy to receive you.

Inner calm and peace and an ardent aspiration towards the Divine are the best preparation for receiving the help we can give, and you can be assured of receiving it from us.


29 April 1937


Sudden conversions are usually neither integral nor lasting; they are flashes of lightning which most often dissolve into smoke. Slow and steady effort and persistent striving for progress are more reliable: “piano ma sano”.**

And recalling what happened during your sleep is certainly not indispensable to the discovery of your soul. I am glad you are feeling well. Be sure that our help and protection are always with you.


12 May 1937


Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the sense of vastness; bathe in it, rather, with joy and serenity. Were we confined inescapably within the four walls of our personal consciousness, that would indeed be sad and overwhelming — but the infinite is open to us; we have only to plunge into it.


29 May 1937


Sri Aurobindo has read your letter and agrees with me that it is difficult to make plans so far in advance, because circumstances are so unpredictable. One thing is settled, however: Sri Aurobindo has accepted you as a disciple — this is clearly shown by the fact that he has given you a new name. But being a disciple does not necessarily imply that one lives in the Ashram. In fact, there are more disciples living outside the Ashram than in it.


* Slowly but surely.


Several conditions are needed to live in the Ashram, one of
which is that one’s health should be good enough to allow one
to conform to the Ashram discipline which does not provide
any special arrangements for food, services and so on. Those
arrangements can be made, for a limited period, for visitors; but
for various reasons it is impossible to make them permanent. So
when you are ready to return, let us know three or four months
in advance so that we can see whether any practical arrangement
can be made.

As for the readings, I think it would be better to spare yourself this strain for the time being. I think that the few private
lessons you are giving are enough.

I am glad to know that you have recovered, and hope that
your health will get better and better.


5 July 1937


I am sorry that you have been feeling sad these last few days.
You should not have. The light should always bring with it the
joy of new progress. Now I think that everything will be all


10 July 1937


Do not worry. You have not done anything wrong, either consciously or unconsciously. I was referring to a set of inner and
outer circumstances, a set of circumstances which is the inevitable outcome of the preceding set, and so on. Only yogic
power, the power of the divine Consciousness, can break this
chain of consequences.


You must leave with your heart full of peace and your mind
full of hope. You must leave with the assurance that our help
and our force are going with you, and that our blessings are
with you and will always be with you.


14 September 1937


(In September 1937 the disciple went to France for six months, returning to the Ashram in March 1938.)

Do not fear; I can see beyond appearances and understand in silence or beyond words. My arm will always be around you, to uphold and guide you. Certainly you are my dear child, but I want her to be happy, not sorrowful, illumined, not ignorant.
My blessings are very affectionately with you.


13 June 1938


Since I did not see you at pranam, I was about to write and inquire whether the exhaustion you mentioned in yesterday’s letter was the reason. And just now I received your letter of this morning. What a pity that you had fever! But why? No apparent reason? In any case, I hope that it will soon be over.


Needless to say, our help, our force, our protection and our blessings are always with you; you must immerse yourself in them as in a soothing, healing bath. Let me add my tenderness.


17 July 1938


It is difficult for me to answer your question since I have no personal experience of utropine and its effects. But as a general rule I feel that when one goes to a doctor for treatment, one should do what he says. It is in cases of nephritis that utropine is supposed to be inadvisable. You could ask the doctor for an assurance that you are not suffering from nephritis — which seems very unlikely.

Our help and our blessings are always with you, affectionately.


20 July 1938


This “Aspiration in the physical”** with our blessings and all my love.

Do not let the doctor’s words disturb you. Illnesses are never serious unless we accept them as such. Besides, I expect to hear very soon that you are better.




The Mother

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If you have within you a psychic being sufficiently awake to watch over you, to prepare your path, it can draw towards you things which help you, draw people, books, circumstances, all sorts of little coincidences which come to you as though brought by some benevolent will and give you an indication, a help, a support to take decisions and turn you in the right direction. But once you have taken this decision, once you have decided to find the truth of your being, once you start sincerely on the road, then everything seems to conspire to help you to advance.

The Mother