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To a French woman who came to live at the Sri
Aurobindo Ashram in 1937 at the age of sixty-six.



Here is a little “New Birth”.***

Indeed, what better use could one make of an illness than to take the opportunity to go deep within oneself and awaken, take birth into a new consciousness, more luminous and more true.

Our help and our blessings are always with you, affectionately.


28 July 1938


Sri Aurobindo and I think it would be wiser for you to wait another week before coming to pranam. And the meditation twice a day will be possible only when you no longer feel any weakness at all, because at the moment there are many people and the physical atmosphere is rather heavy to breathe. So we ask you to be patient a little longer, to allow your material strength time to return. Our help and protection are with you for that.

Very affectionately.


26 August 1938


I do not recall mentioning any passages in which Sri Aurobindo prophesies present events. I referred to certain pages in which Sri Aurobindo gives a very brief glimpse of his own Work at present

** The Mother’s name for Flame-of-the-woods (ixora coccinea “Bandhuca”)

*** Sweet Marjoram (oreganum majorana)

on earth, his Work of divinising matter, and I told you that it is hinted at in one of the chapters of “Thoughts and Glimpses”.


20 September 1938


Do not worry; you told me long ago — in silence — what you “confessed” to me this evening. And I have always given you the same answer: do not worry; not all gifts need to be material ones — and self-giving is surely the best gift of all.


29 September 1938


These spontaneous reflex actions reveal the subconscious. By tracking down these spontaneous impulses one can gradually clear a path into the virgin forest of the subconscient and bring the Light into it.

Do not worry, and above all do not feel sad! On the 12th the dose was probably a little too strong and, as a result, a little difficult to digest. If you can simply remain quiet, very quiet, everything will settle down. Then the Light will reappear, brighter and more beautiful than ever.

Have no fear — nothing has the power to take you away from me, for I am always with you — in you.


13 November 1938


I have not taken the medicine advised by Dr. X, thinking that since I would be writing to you, I would not do anything without you. Should I write to Dr. Y in
Paris and ask his opinion?


Yes, it would be better not to take anything without consulting your doctor in Paris.

Should I perhaps consult the homeopathic doctor? I don’t know him.


No, not necessary; as few doctors as possible, as few medicines as possible!!


Z strongly advises me to take “Genaspirine”. I am reluctant, as I never take sedatives. She says it is not a sedative but something to relieve congestion. I understand nothing about it and I told her that I would ask you.


Oh no, no drugs! The more drugs you take, the more you undermine your body’s natural resistance.

To relieve tension, ten minutes of real calm, inner and outer, are more effective than all the remedies in the world. In silence lies the most effective help.

With our blessings.


30 January 1939


To tell the truth, I think the doctor is right: your complaint is nervous. I mean that it is a functional disorder, not an organic one. The fact that you have a headache does not contradict this, for one can have a nervous headache and suffer very much from it. In any case, nervous or not, it is quite clear that if you were in constant contact with the Divine you would be perfectly all right.

Our blessings are always with you.
Very affectionately.

9 February 1939


It would be so nice not to take any injections! Wouldn’t it? As for the other things, do not worry. The divine Grace is behind everything, even shortcomings, and with Its help there is
nothing that cannot be made an opportunity for progress.
Our blessings are always with you.


23 March 1939


How you torment yourself — about nothing! I knew perfectly
well that you were going to dine with the banker, and I found
nothing wrong with that, any more than with your little musical
gatherings or anything else of that kind. I have always considered
that you were free to see whom you like and go where you please.
Only once did I give you some advice about this, but that was
simply a piece of advice, nothing more, and referred to a single,
very precise case.

I hasten to send you this note in the hope that it will bring
you the peace and tranquillity I wish for you always.
My blessings are with you unceasingly.


3 May 1939


My dear little X,

If you want my true way of seeing things, I must tell you
that taking a good dose of faith and confidence in the Divine
Grace is better than all the pills and injections in the world.

With my blessings. I am always with you.


7 May 1939


My poor little X,
I am truly very sorry to have to disappoint you, but the interview you want certainly cannot take place until the war is over.
Besides, for inner growth, I do not believe that words are
necessary. In silence all our help is there at its most powerful.
With love and blessings.


6 September 1939


I am always with you. If you listen carefully, you will hear my answers to your questions. When all grows silent and calm within you, you will feel my presence concretely, and no help is more real or more effective than that.

With my deepest affection and our blessings always.


4 March 1940


My dear little X,

I agree upon the 22nd — probably it will be about 5:30 at the top of the stairs — but in these days of extreme instability it is difficult to make arrangements so far ahead. We must live from day to day our whole consciousness intent on the only
luminous horizon: that of the divine Realisation.

Our blessings are with you, as well as my love.


5 July 1940


My dear little X,

Dryness is ordinarily the sign of too great a concern with oneself (whether material or spiritual) and a consequent narrowing of the consciousness, which is no longer sufficiently in communion with the divine forces.

The remedy: a completer self-giving to the Divine.

With my blessings and all my love.


8 December 1940


My dear little X,

Do not worry; I only meant that you are not yet completely free from social ties — but that will surely come as the flame of aspiration towards the Divine burns more and more ardently in

With my blessings and all my love.


16 January 1941



The Mother

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If you have within you a psychic being sufficiently awake to watch over you, to prepare your path, it can draw towards you things which help you, draw people, books, circumstances, all sorts of little coincidences which come to you as though brought by some benevolent will and give you an indication, a help, a support to take decisions and turn you in the right direction. But once you have taken this decision, once you have decided to find the truth of your being, once you start sincerely on the road, then everything seems to conspire to help you to advance.

The Mother