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Increase my fires and aspiration... -Amrita

... for Amrita [who left his body on 31 January, following a heart attack], it was something else again. Amrita used to come in spite of his illness, he came to see me every day; he came up in the morning and sat there, and he came up once again in the evening (you saw what labour it was for him to climb stairs). Then when he left—the doctor had told him: "You can't go upstairs for a month"; and afterwards, he came during the daytime: he didn't accept it, he left his body and came—he came right straight to me. But then, with him, it was in his form, but more subtle, but it was very definite [Mother draws a contour outlining Amrita's form], it was his form, resembling him; and he stayed here, and sometime he's active, sometime he rests (he rests more than he's active, but occasionally he's active again). He's like ... like a shadow, you know, very much in my atmosphere. And he has remained there—he remains there, he rests there.


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