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Sahana Devi was among the earliest members of the Ashram. She came in 1928 and lived here until she passed away in 1990. She was the niece of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das and it was in his house that, in her girlhood, she had seen Sri Aurobindo for the very first time, after the Alipore Bomb Case trial was over and he had been released. Before coming to the Ashram, Sahana Devi not only knew Rabindranath Tagore very well but was an authority on Rabindra Sangeet. In fact, she was such a renowned singer that many called her “the Nightingale of Bengal”. It was her friendship with Dilip Kumar Roy which brought her to the Ashram. Her inner call for a life of sadhana was so strong that she gave up an established career and fame to follow this path.

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