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Selected Articles from The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's Works

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

As the Mother has succinctly put it, Savitri is :

1) The daily record of the spiritual experiences of the individual who has written.

2) A complete system of yoga which can serve as a guide for those who want to follow the integral sadhana.

3) The yoga of the Earth in its ascension towards the Divine.

4) The experience of the Divine Mother in her effort to adapt herself to the body she has taken and the ignorance and the falsity of the earth upon which she has incarnated.


The Truth is present upon earth and dwells wherever there is a receptivity or a consciousness ready to manifest it.
Whoever is sincere in his resolution to serve the Truth will know, or rather [be] made to know, at each moment what he or she must do to serve the Truth for there are many ways of serving It.

The Mother

There are not many Mothers, there is One in many forms.  The transcendental is only one aspect of the Mother.  I don't know what is meant by the embodied aspect of the transcendental Mother.  There is the embodied aspect of the One Mother ― what she manifests through it depends on herself. 

Sri Aurobindo (7-7-1936)

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the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India.

To read Savitri is indeed to practise Yoga, spiritual concentration;
one can find there all that is needed to realise the Divine.
Each step of Yoga is noted here, including the secret of all other Yogas.
- The Mother