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Sri Aurobindo

If There Were No Consciousness

...consciousness is the one thing by which we ...know at all that world exists or can inquire into its truth and its meaning. If consciousness has no reality and no value, then there is nothing by which we can know the truth, - one explanation of things has then as little value as the other, neither can be claimed as the truth.

Essays Divine and Human
page 297

It is consciousness that raises the problem it has to solve; without it there would be no riddle and no solution. Being and its energy would then fulfil themselves in form and motion and in cessation of form and motion without any self-awareness and without any enjoyment or fruition of their form and motion. Existence would be a fact without significance, the universe an inanimate machine turning for ever -or for a time, -without any reason or issue in its turning. For it to have any significance there must be either a Mind or some other kind of Awareness that observes it, originates it perhaps, has joy in its turning, works out something by the turning of the machine for its own satisfaction or dissatisfaction; or there must be a consciousness that emerges by the turning and reveals being and energy to themselves and leads them to some kind of fulfilment. Even if it is only a temporary consciousness that emerges, yet that must be the one significant fact of being, the one thing that lights up its movements, makes it aware of itself, raises it to something that is more than a mere dead or blank self- existence, a One or a Many that is yet worth no more than a zero.

Essays Divine and Human

Remembrance of Sri Aurobindo
Remembrance of Sri Aurobindo
(Significance given by The Mother )

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the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India.

The best homage we can pay to Sri Aurobindo is to prepare for the advent of the Supramental race . - The Mother