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Vol. III No 1
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Poems by Champaklal

(Selected Poems from the"Prayers and Aspirations"
English translation from the original book in Gujarati, "Prarthana ane Udgaro")

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" This is not poetry, it is not song either, these are only my inner being's utterances. I have not written them, the Supreme Mother and Lord have made me write them. Whatever I have had to say I have said in these lines."



At The Mother's Feet

Always Remember

I Started Dancing

Enchanting Smile

Keep Smiling


Whatever You Do

I Do not Know What is Truth

True Surrender

Don't Ever Let me Forget You


The Priceless Gift of Silence

The Unique Gifts Given by The Mother

The Only Flame

Nothing Happens

Wake Up

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Champaklal- an artist




I Stand Unshaken

I stand firm, I stand unshaken.
Let death come to-day or tomorrow or at this very moment
I do not care, I do not care,
I do not care, I do not care,
I care only for my aim,
For my Dharma, for the truth of my being,
Keep me always, constantly far away
From the false beliefs full of illusion,
Keep me always, constantly at Thy feet alone,
This is my only prayer,
This is my only prayer.

At Thy Feet, at Thy Feet, at Thy Feet,
Then let the body leave, body leave,
There is joy in this, there is bliss in this.
Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma... Ma ....


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