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On The Mother (20-4-1935)




Openness is not always complete from the first a part of the being opens, other parts of the consciousness remain still closed or half open only one has to aspire till all is open.Even with the best and most powerful Sadhaks the full opening takes timenor is there anyone who has been able to abandon everything at once without any struggle.There is no reason to feel therefore that if you call you will not be heard the Mother knows the difficulties of human nature and will help you through Persevere always, call always and then after each difficulty there will be a progress.


-Sri Aurobindo

Selected Articles from The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's Works| The One whom we Adore as The Mother

21 Feb 2007 - Mother's Birthday
Sri Aurobindo's Humour


My Lord, what Thou hast wanted me to do I have done. The gates of the Supramental have been thrown open and the Supramental Consciousness, Light and Force are flooding the earth.

The Mother
Vol13 Page 57

How can I make Sri Aurobindo's influence living and dynamic in my daily activities?
Be perfectly sincere and He will answer your call.

The Mother
July 1970

What is necessary in the begining is to remember the Mother as much as possible, to concentrate on her in the heart for a time every day, if possible thinking of her as the Divine Mother, to aspire to feel her there within you, offer her your works and pray that from within she may guide and sustain you.

Sri Aurobindo

It will be said of me: "She was ambitious, she wanted to transform the world." But the world does not want to be transformed except by a very long and slow process, so slow that the change cannot be perceptible from one generation to the other. I find the Nature delays and wastes. But she finds that I am too much in a hurry and too troublesome and exacting.Let me write down all I have to say; let me foretell all that will be done, and then, if no one finds that I am doing it properly, then I shall retire and leave the others to do it.

- The Mother
(31 March 1953)

Tulsi - The Devotion
All we owe to Thee

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